Oh, how I love Pinterest. It’s such a fun source for inspiration and new ideas. Someone pinned a cupcake bouquet and I knew right away that I had to create one myself. I couldn’t find any good guides on making them, so I put together a step by step photo tutorial for you so you can make one too. It’s really not that hard – pipe roses onto cupcakes (there’s an animated gif below to show you how), put them on some toothpicks into a styrofoam ball. Done!

I think a cupcake bouquet would be a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, which is coming up in two weeks. It would work for so many other occasions too – bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, as a get well gift, or just as a pick-me-up for a friend who needs a smile (and tasty treat). This is the first one I’ve made and I love how it turned out, except I want to experiment with the fake leaves – I used tissue paper but I’m wondering if I can use real leaves somehow. I will try that out next!